Mega-Idea Reballing Black Stencils

  • Type for model

    Android & Apple


    High quality,Focus more on maintenance.

  • Square Hole with round Corners black stencil

    Bring the unique using experience to you,making every tin ball round and full.

  • Black and white contrast

    Relative to the silver net,the black net will not reflect A sharp contrast to the solder joints on the chip makes it easier to align.

  • Precise alignment

    Square holes with round corners design, make each tin board more round and plump

  • Laser cutting

    High Precision,Super flat,100% match perfectly.

  • Super pliability

    Mega-idea black stencil adopt Japanese steel which own super pliability,unlikely to be deformed.


    Steel imported from Japan prolong and not easy to deform under high temperature

Square Hole with round angle not only can make the tin balls more round and plump but also can prevent the tin balls from getting stuck.

Product Parameters


Product:MEGA-IDEA Black Stencils

Color: Black

Temperature Range:-50℃~500℃

Dimensionless Units: millimeter(mm)

Types of stencils

Type1:Black Stencil Series (for Android)

Type2:Black Stencil CUP Series(for Android)

Type3:Black Stencil Power Logic Series(for Android)

Type4:Black Stencil IC Series(for Apple)

Type5:Black Stencil CPU Series(for Apple)

【Mega Idea Black Reballing Stencils】

Applicable Models

Software download
  • Android Series
  • Phone Series


    BZ-OV 8940 CPU

    BZ-VM SDM660 CPU

    BZ-S7 MSM8996 CPU

    BZ Qualcomm Series PM

    BZ-Qualcomm MSM8928A

    BZ-Qualcomm MSM8992A

    BZ-Qualcomm MSM8994A

    Hisilicon Hi Series MF/WIFI/Audio Chips General

    Hisilicon Kirin950/955 HI3650 CPU Universal Series

    MT6595W CPU Universal Series

    MT6757V CPU Universal Series

  • Exynos 5430 CPU Universal Series

    Exynos 7420 CPU Universal Series

    MSM8916/MSM8953 BO1-AB CPU Universal Series

    Exynos 7570/3475,SC9830A/7730S

    BZ-Qualcomm MSM8998A


    BZ-OV SDM660 CPU

    BZ-Redmi MT6592 CPU

    BZ-Redmi MT66795 CPU

    BZ-Redmi MT6797 CPU

    BZ-Redmi MT8996 CPU

    BZ-Redmi MT8998 CPU

    BZ-Redmi SDM845 CPU

  • Hisilicon Kirin930/935 HI3630/3635 CPU Universal Series

    HI6620/6250/MSM8952 CPU Universal Series

    Hisilicon Kirin970/935 HI3670 CPU Universal Series

    MT6750V/6755V CPU Universal Series

    MT6797V/6795V CPU Universal Series

    Exynos 8895/MSM8998 CPU Universal Series

    Exynos 3470/7580/7880 CPU Universal Series

    Exynos 7570/3475,SC9830A CPU Universal Series

    Snapdragon 845/Samsung Exynos9810 CPU Universal Series

    0.3/.0.5/0.4/0.5 Multifunctional Reballing Stencils-012mm

    Exynos 7570/3475,SC9830A CPU Universal Series

  • BZ-A8 One CPU

    BZ-A9 One CPU

    BZ-A10 One CPU

    BZ-A11 One CPU

    iphone 6/6p CPU IC 2 in 1

    iphone 8/8p/x CPU IC 2 in 1

    BZ-A12 One CPU

    BZ-iphone 5 IC

    BZ-iphone 6/6p IC

    BZ-iphone 6s/6sp IC

    iphone 6s/6sp CPU IC 2 in 1

    iphone XS/XS MAX/XR CPU IC 2 in 1

    BZ-iphone 7/7p IC

  • BZ-iphone 8X/X IC

    BZ-iphone XS/MAX/XR IC

    iphone 7/7p CPU IC 2 in 1

    iphone 11/11pro/11pro max CPU IC 2 in 1

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