Applicable device:QianLi's devices


Compatible System:Windows

Updated In:2022/07/26

Recent updates are as follows:

1. For devices -- icopy Plus, Apollo and Copy Power, cancel the function of binding for 11 and advanced series, the unbinding function is hidden.

2. On the PC end, to deal with the Manufacturer and Manufacture Date can not be modified, they had turned into gray color(Equivalent devices: icopy Plus, Apollo, Copy Power).

3. Solved the problem that the account number and password can be entered in Chinese and spaces, and limit the length of password input to 16 bits.

4. The thermal imaging interface will zoom in and out along with the window.

5. Modified the enlarge icon on the interface.

6. Solved the function that the close button of the prompt box work normally after successfully modifying the password (Registration account, etc.)

7. Solve the problem that the pop-out box and the main box is closed after a successful password change (Successful registration, etc.), the software will be running when the software is opened again.

8. Modified the QianLi official website URL.

9. Solved the problem that the battery detection function timeout and the button can not be used normally on PC end(Equivalent devices: icopy Plus, Apollo, Copy Power).

10. Added new battery models (i.e: 11-13 series battery models)

11. Limit the drive box button by repeatedly clicking the pop-up box

12. Solve the problem of thermal imaging software download errors, switch notice will follow when switching language

13. If reading without connecting to the battery and data cable, it will prompt the user that it is not connected.

14. Solved the problem of opening a file other than the bin file caused by an abnormal end of the program (For example the file format is a picture JPG, PNG, TXT, MP4, etc.)