About QianLi

Established in 2016, QianLi Innovation Co., Ltd., is a leading repair tools manufacturer & repair service solution provider in China. Our company commit ourselves to optimize work methods of technicians who engaged in mobile phone repair service industry around the world, by providing mobile phone after-sales stores, companies, training schools from more than 80 countries and regions with innovative technology products and solutions. To redefine the repair experience through QianLi, can also provide the ultimate personalized experience to all the repair men in the repair process.

QianLi --Exploit Potential, Innovative Technology

QianLi is dedicated to high-standard, high-quality, pioneering maintenance equipment and tools. QianLi team adheres to independent research and development, independent innovation, takes the path of differentiation, exploit the potential of R&D personnel, stimulates innovation vitality, realizes technological innovation. We maintain the unique high-end mobile phone repair instrument tool style of "Potential & Innovation", and creates "High standards and High quality" category, and eventually QianLi's standard will become synonymous with high quality in the industry.

Mega-Idea -- Create Imagination, Fulfill Your Dreams

Mega-Idea is committed to creating good value, common, and high-quality mobile phone repair devices and tools. The R&D department has recruited a young and energetic team, actively exploring and developing cost-effective products. "Mega-Idea" is established to design "reasonable and worthy" mobile phone repair devices and tools for customers. We try to meet customers' needs with affordable and economical phone repair tools that are worthy of every penny. We take the customers as first priority, and strive to build a brand that all repair men can afford to use the high-quality repair tools.

In 2016, QianLi Space was officially established. That's when we released the first laser square-hole reballing stencils in the industry. It improves the dilemma of reballing difficulty to a whole new level.

In 2017, QianLi’s PCB thermal camera was released. It was the first test instrument that can quickly and accurately diagnose mobile phone motherboards in the industry. It helps the industry maintenance participants quickly and accurately achieve motherboard repair.

In 2018, the iPower was released. It was the first power cord with a one-key boot in the industry, which greatly enhances maintenance efficiency.

In 2020, the headquarter of QianLi moved from Huaqiang North to Nanshan High-tech Park. We started to focus on building the brand influence by improving the internal system, optimizing the supply chains and improving customer services. In the meanwhile, in order to provide more professional and more convenient maintenance products for global maintenance practitioners, we have not only developed the QianLi thermal cameras, but also upgraded iCopy Plus to the 2nd Generation.

In 2020, the development of Apollo Interstellar 1 - Multi-functional Repair Tester, is the possibility of infinite expansion.

In 2021, QianLi has launched the3D thermal imaging analyzer --- Super Cam X. Which is fully upgraded with 52,000 points full-frame temperature measurement, adding 3D thermal field distribution and regional temperature curve records. It is another new breakthrough in the thermal imaging industry.

Exploit Potential, Innovative Technology

QianLi is on the way of making high-standard, high-quality and pioneering maintenance of equipment and tools. QianLi team adheres to independent research, development and innovation. We takes the path of differentiation and exploit the potential of R&D personnel. We also stimulates every innovation vitality, realizes technological innovation and maintains the unique high-end mobile phone repair instrument tool style of 'Potential & Innovation'. We are the first one who created "High standards and High quality" category tools, and our 'QianLi's standard' became the synonymous with high quality in the industry.

About Production Line

The direct production, processing and storage center located at Fuyong Town, Bao’an Distict, Shenzhen. Which equipped with complete production lines to assure stable product supply. The storage house is covered with powerful warehousing logistics system to make sure all the products scheduling and storage function operates well. The complete and strict process of quality inspection assure the user's experience.


As of the first half of 2020, QianLi owns 2 patents of invention, 26 utility patents, 70 design patents and 8 design patents which are under the substantive examination stage. We have registered 2 computer software and 98 works on the National Copyright Administration and the Guangdong Provincial Copyright Administration. The company’s patent holding rate ranks first in the mobile phone repair tool industry. In the future, QianLi will keep increasing investment in research and development, dedicate to create more intellectual property rights. Our company will keep working on deepen technology and product innovation, continue to be the captain and lead the industry's technological progress and development.

About our Team

Since its establishment, QianLi has always attached importance to the construction of the talent team. Through open, impartial and fair interview selection, we have attracted and promoted a large number of young talents. Now we have the best sales teams and creative senior technical talents. We now cultivated a high-quality and well-structured company team.

  • Production

    Our Production teams are responsible for the manufacturing of our products, ensuring they adhere to the creative direction as well as our standards of excellence. As a manufacturer, QianLi’s production team work hard to execute the project in perfection, on budget and on time. Our crewmembers are armed with professional knowledge, such as cost management, quality control, progress status report and communication management etc. This includes the rigid procurement department which focus on efficiency. QC personnel taking care of quality control and project manager who push the overall plan forward. Members from above are supported by the team supervisors who organize workflows, monitor productivities, as well as coordinate manufacturing and production processes to ensuring optimal quality, lead-time, costs and delivery.

  • R&D and Design

    The team of R&D and design at QianLi has backgrounds in the electronic design, structure design as well as module research. This insight and expertise is reflecting in our strategy of developing innovative software solutions for the repair industry as well as others. We continuously invest in research and development by applying our know-how to produce advanced hardware and software products to  support our customers in making more convenient, higher quality and more effective decisions. It is a true indication of our commitment to technological leadership and innovation.

  • Marketing

    As the people behind the products and in front of the customers, the marketing and sales team of QianLi plays a very important role in our overall sales and operations. Our best and qualified sales team is always making sure to provide clients the top shopping experiences and maintaining high standards in finding methods of selling the products. The sales team sometimes are also your warm little after-sales agents. They respond to the questions and concerns from various customers in China and all around the world. In QianLi, you will find a bunch of collaborative, customer-focused, high-energy environment and cute young sales agents who are challenging the norm and being down to earth at the same time.

    • Jobs

      QianLiis inclusive, thirsty for talent and flexible in employment. Wesincerelyhope you can join us and become a member ofour team. We also accept the cooperation ofKOL in the industryand technicians with excellentproducts with ideas to create a unique world withQianLiandjointhepath of innovation.QianLisincerely seeksfortalents, if you want to show us your skills, please submit your resume.

    • Authorized Agents

      Asolution foropen cooperation and joint construction with agents for customer-oriented maintenance scenarios. To establish a long-term supply partnership,cooperate other tool shopbrands to promoteQianLi’sproducts and influence a greater range of markets to achieve win-win cooperation.QianLiis looking for agents,theinterested partiescan contact usfor furtherinformation.