IOS Battery Decode Cable

MEGA-IDEA IOS Battery Decode Cable

Verify the authenticity of the battery,Soft FPC Band

  • Silicone Flexible Cable

    Select silicone materials, high oxidation

    High oxidation resistance, not easy to break

  • FPC Soft Band

    High flexibility

    Not easy to fall off from the motherboard

  • Selective Pure Copper Cable Core

    Pure copper cable core

    Excellent conductibility, durable

  • Banana-shape Plug Design

    Non-magnetic copper materials

    Excellent anti-oxidation

  • Different Color for Instant Distinguishment

    Four color of cables help to

    find models needed quickly

  • Simulate Battery Data

    Solve the problems that unable to enter the system after restarting with

    ower cable for Phone 8th generation and above

  • Original Battery Level Connectors Base

    Embedded motherboard connectors base

    Leave no trace

  • Low Resistance & Low Power Consumption

    Read electric current, voltage andother related data as much as possible

    for accurate

Battery communication protocols inserted

Stable Performance Depth Testing Supported

Product Parameter


Product:MEGA-IDEA IOS Battery Decode Cable

Materials:Pure Core/Silicone


Applicable Models

Model 1:iphone 6G

Model 2:iphone 6P/6s/6sp

Model 3:iphone 7/7p

Model 4:iphone 8/8px/xs

【IOS Battery Decode Cable】

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Video Download

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