iPower Pro Max

Battery Data Simulation / silicone flexible wire / Dual connector design

  • One button to boot up

    Convenient and simple to operate, No complex operation,More convenient use.

  • Actual battery data simulation

    Built-in battery decoder board,

    Fix mobile automatic restart,flickering and boot fail.

  • Latest Type-C connector design

    Supplying power for various mobiles at the same time. Easy to check, easy to repair.

  • Selected FPC flexible cable

    After more than 20 times sampling analysis, over 10 experimental comparisons and market research, which is softer and with better low temperature resistance than normal wire

  • Banana plug design

    Easy to use, suitable for all power socket sin repair industry

  • Three applications in one cable

    Each socket can be connected to up to three FPC flexible cables, which can power more mobile phones at the same time

  • Quality selection

    Silicone flexible wire, durable material suitable for low temperature resistance and not easy to age

  • Corresponding Welding Board

    Red connecting VCC Yellow
    connecting RXM

    White connecting DM Blue
    connecting RXP

    Green connecting DP Black
    connecting GND

One button to boot up

Convenient and simple to operate, No complex operation

Product Parameters

Brand: QianLi

Product Name: iPower Pro Max

Color: Jet Black

Product Weight: 31.4 g

Measurement Unit: Millimeter (mm)

Product Models

Model 1: Phone 6 / 6P/ 6S / 6SP

Model 2: Phone 7 / 7P

Model 3: Phone 8 / 8P

Model 4: Phone X / XS / XS Max

Model 5: Phone 11 / 1lPro / 11Pro Max

【iPower Pro Max】

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