Black Stencil -- EMMC general DDR

Black Stencil Plus

Debut in the market Series Plus

  • Different models

    meet the needs of different situations

  • Round tin point

    QianLi only produces high-quality products

    Square Hole with round angle make the tin balls more roundW

  • Black and white contrast

    Clear design to reduce errors

  • Protect eyes

    Black matte absorbs strong light

    Eliminate visual fatigue


    Provide work efficiency


    High quality,Focus more on maintenance.

  • Square hole design

    Bring the unique using experience to you,making every tin ball round and full.

    Square Hole with round Corners black stencil


    New black stencil series

    Defining the stencil

Not only upgrade the appearance

But also upgrade the quality

Product Parameters

Brand: QianLi

Product:Reballing Stencils

Color: Black

Temperature Range:-50℃~300℃

Dimensionless Units: millimeter(mm)

Black stencil plus type

EMMC general DDR

【Black Stencil -- EMMC general DDR】

Applicable Models

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