Apollo Interstellar-One

Apollo Interstellar-One

Six-in-one multifunctional Repair Tester

  • Chip Read and Write Repair

    Lost of the true tone function after LCD changing,

    which can be repaired with the Apollo

  • Battery Detection Read and Write Repair

    Solution testing, counterfeit identification, data turning green,

    With adding battery activation, Charge and discharge,

    internal resistance test and etc.

  • True Tone Restore Without Original LCD

    If the original screen is damaged to be unreadable or has been replaced or

    lost, QianLiRepairhelper can be used to restore the true tone

  • Quick Identification of Datacable

    Independent jacks to avoid false data,

    original/MFI/anti-original, counterfeit identification in one second

  • Unique ID Design

    Lanyard hole is added, compact and portable without cumbersome

  • Compact and portable

    Easily put in your pockets, inspection artifact for "market-shopping"

  • QianLi customized battery

    The automatic shutdown function is set to prevent battery loss, and it will

    automatically shut down if there is no operation for 20 minutes in the standby


  • Support multiple languages

    Support multiple languages

    Chinese, English, Español)

Aviation Aluminum High Hardness Handle

Precise slient bearing



Product: Apollo Six-in-one

multifunctional Repair Tester


Light sensor and true tone store,

datacable detection, battery

read and write repair and activation,

vibrator repair, baseband chip read

and write,Earth line detection, internal

resistance test,connection detection

and +∞ expansion

【Will be upgraded soon】

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