3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzing Camera

Professional motherboard tester, help you repair one step ahead, with infrared thermal imaging analysis

  • Electricity Leakage Quick Check

    Quickly locate the PCBA defects

  • 3D Thermal Field Distribution Analysis

    Innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive

    Regional recording curve of 2D thermal field is more detailed

  • Ultra High Resolution

    52000 dpi effective temperature measurement (260*200)

    Full-scale infrared detection area increased by 369%

  • High temperature alarm tracking

    Real-time detection of temperature changes

  • USB Type-C direct connection to PC

  • 1/4 Inch Camera Screw Hole

    The camera reserves 1/4 inch camera threaded hole, it could be installed on any standard camera stand

  • Precise Focus

    Military-grade high-resolution infrared lens, impeccable price performance

  • Regional Temperature Recording Curve

    Show the temperature of the selected area

    Compare hotspots and record data

New Updated

More practical, more convenient and more accurate

Product Parameter


Model: Super Cam X infrared thermal imaging analyzing camera

lnput Voltage: 5V DC

Storage Temperature: -15℃+60℃

Weight: 435g

Product Parameter

Resolution: 52000 dpi effective temperature measurement point

Temperature Measurement Range:-20℃~120℃

Interface Type: USB type-C, USB

Bracket Size: 150mm*160mm*161.5mm

Package Size: 180mm*180mm*59mm

【3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzing Camera】

Video Download

Video Download

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