008 Glue Remover

008 Glue Remover

Easy to deal with tin soldering and the black glue

  • Simplicity without omission

    Keep being innovative and making improvements

    Just for better touch

    When repairing

  • Pure hand polishing

    Each blade is polished by the craftman

    who has been engaged in the industry for more than 10 years

  • Selected materials

    Aluminum alloy handle

    Compatible with 95% of the blades in the market

  • Low center of gravity handle

    Easy to grip

    Convenient and easy

  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting and shaping, more smooth and regular

    With laser cutting

    Ensure the unity of the product

  • Low center of gravity

    Upgraded low center of gravity handle

    To bring better maintenance

  • Convenient maintenance

    95% alignment

    No damage to any surfaces and avoid screws stripped

  • Anti slip handle

    Anti slip design

    Practical + Firm + Convenient

Professional Glue Remover

Product Details:

Brand: QianLi

Name: 008 Glue Remover

Operating Temperature::-60℃~500℃

Material: Imported Steel, Aluminum alloy, Copper

Product Details:

Color: Dark Gray

Usage: Glue removal

【008 Glue Remover】

Video Download

Video Download

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