Macaron Portable Spot Welder

Macaron Portable Spot Welder

6 Settings output power for more precise welding

  • 6 Settings output power


    For more precise welding

  • All in one spot welding pen

    Gold-plated pen tip, red copper shaft

    Copper oxide aluminum solder pin

  • Thickened pure copper overflow strip

    2MM thickness pure copper overflow strip

    Ultra-low internal resistance increases over-current capability

  • Gold-plated soldering pen terminal

    Pure copper + gold plating process

    Wear-resistant and anti-rust, Ultra low internal resistance

  • Temperature control protection

    Temperature exceeds 60℃

    Automatic power-off

  • High power Lithium battery X2

    Anti-electric current>650A

  • Battery protection board

    Please select a set if you need the fixing board

    Or contact customer service for more information

  • Auto/Manual mode switch

    More precise welding in manual mode

    Save time and effort in auto mode

Supports 0.1-0.15mm nickel sheet spot welding during the whole process

Save your time and effort if you have it


Brand: QianLi

Product: Macaron Portable Spot Welder

Battery Type: Chargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Output voltage:4.2V(MAX)

Items included in the product: Spot welder, spot welding pen

nickle sheet*1 bundle


Output current:650A(MAX)

Designed current:1000A(MAX)

Input interface: USB Type-C charging port

Input parameters:5V/2A

Dimensions Unit: Millimeter (mm)

User's Guide

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【Macaron Portable Spot Welder】

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Video Download

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