Mobile Pressing/Fixed Maintenance Fixture

Mobile Pressing/Fixed Maintenance Fixture

Efficiently mobile phone glass repair problems

  • Quick Disassembly Plywood

    No need unscrew all

    Quick Disassembly


    Fixed cell phone

    Non slip

  • Camera groove

    Precise groove protect the rear camera

    Precise slot makes repair

  • Double hole adjustment Plywood

    Double hole design applicable to large scale span

    Freely adjust the applicable position

  • Slider adjust

    Quickly adjust the use size

    Fit the different phone

  • Comfortable rounded Design

    Comfortable holding feel

    Reduces the damage caused by bumps during work

  • Non-slip pads

    Anti-slip pad on the bottom

    Makes the product more stable

  • Foam pad

    Ensure the pressing effect

    No damage the phone in the process of pressing

Concise, Convenient, Stable

Quick Disassembly, Anti-skid Protection

Product parameter

Brand: MEGA-lDEA

Name: Phone Pressing / Maintenance Fixture

Material: Phenolic plastics

Weight: 533g

Size Parameter

Package Size: 21l*130*24 mm

Product Size:190*125*36.5mm

Breadth:60.00~88.00 mm

【Mobile Pressing/Fixed Mainteance Fixture】

Video Download

Video Download

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