Bumblebee Reballing Stencils

QianLi Bumblebee Reballing Stencils

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  • Superior steel

    Durable,high-temperature resistant,make the product use more times.

  • Square Hole with round Corners design

    The square hole not only can make the tin board more round and plump but also can prevent the tin board from getting stuck in the stencil hole

  • Precise Reballing

    Each mesh is proofread according to the original factory drawings

  • Super Flexibility

    Flexible steel,not afraid of normal deformation and bending

  • High Temperature resistant

    Superior steel,high temperature resistant

  • Wear resistance

    With the thousands of selected and tested,they are more resistance and durable

  • The simple design

    Not only keep the color of steel,but also succinct and grand in design.

  • Various types

    Various types match the different models

Square holes with round corners design, make each tin board more round and plump

Product Parameters

Brand: QianLi

Product:Bumblebee Reballing Stencils

Temperature Range:-50℃~500℃


Model 1: Android Series

Model 2:Apple Series

【Bumblebees Silver stencils】

Video Download

Video Download

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